Virtual tour of Achillleion Palace.

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The “Achilleion” Palace was built by Empress Elisabeth of Austria (known throughout the world as Princess Sissi) at the end of the 19th century, as she had chosen to spend the spring and summer months in Corfu, every year.

It is of particular interest, due both to the palace’s architecture and the valuable collections of the Empress’ furniture and personal items, along with those of the next occupant of the palace, the Kaiser Wilhelm II. It also embraces another valuable architectural jewel, the “Barracks Building”, designed by the famous architect of the neoclassical period, Ernst Ziller.

The “Achilleion” Museum, in the main palace, is decorated with extremely delicate murals and ceiling paintings and it is also complemented by the valuable sculptures of the outdoor gardens, all of which bear the stamp of having been chosen by Princess Sissi herself. It is one of the most prominent museums in Greece and the most important museum in Corfu. It has an international appeal, as almost half a million tourists pay a visit to this imperial mansion every year.

This VR-Tour gives you the opportunity to visit all the exhibition Halls of the Museum, and the imperial gardens with their decorative statues as well as to travel back in time thanks to the quite interesting information provided on each exhibit.

We hope you will join us for this Tour, at this unique, historic destination, gaining important insights of the specific period, when the palace was inhabited by its imperial occupants. This Tour will definitely serve to open up a wider field of knowledge, thanks to the fascinating information provided on the exhibits and to the architecture value of the palace itself.

We also hope to welcome you in person to “Achilleion” Museum in the near future so that you will enjoy these important treasures of the modern history of Greece and Europe.